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Monza Autodrome Tour


Italian Factory Motor Tour organizes the Monza Autodrome Tour. In the Monza Autodrome there is the new Museum of Speed, an exhibition in which the visitor can live a multisensory experience to 360 degrees between real and virtual.
The MONZA NATIONAL AUTODROME, universally known as the Temple of Speed, is a reference point for motorsports. Built in 1922, third in the world after those of Brooklands and Indianapolis, it was the scene of some of the greatest sporting and technological innovations. Among the most important recurring events, we remember the Italian Grand Prix of Formula 1 that from its foundation onwards has always played at the Autodrome, except for the years 1937 (Livorno), 1947 (Milan), 1948 (Turin) and 1980 (Imola). You can visit its exclusive areas and access to the Backstage of the F1 Grand Prix of Italy. Get on the podium will give you the same thrill they feel the great motorsport champions.

The MUSEUM OF SPEED contains physical memorabilia and multimedia exhibits and focuses on the theme of speed, not only related to the world of Formula 1, but also to sport prototype cars, motorcycling and motorsports in general. The focus is on the glorious past of the Racing Circuit, but also on its present and future. Alongside rare collector's items were created fourteen different thematic areas, each in a box of two meters by two meters. Inside are exhibited graphics and multimedia content with images, videos and installations of edutainment that tell the story of the circuit and the cars, motorcycles and riders that had triumphed in the Italian temple of speed making the famous Autodrome. A goal not only for motorsport enthusiasts but also for families and children who come for the first time to the world of motors. The experience does not end between the walls of the pavilion, but continues throughout the circuit with the application for smartphones and tablets developed to discover images, info and tips to visitors.

If you want to visit the MONZA AUTODROME and MUSEUM OF SPEED and give you a special day with the Monza Autodrome Tour click below:

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